UPDATE: Our Computer Crashed


Our computer crashed Friday night, and we lost everything on it, and we don’t know if we can get any of it back yet, if it all…

I am borrowing one,  but unfortunatly can not log in to most of my accounts, … I am having difficulty remembering
passwords, or am not being recognized from this borrowed computer.

I also can do nothing else on this borrowed pc, but check emails or accounts, no downloading, uploading,
graphics, etc…

If you contact me with problems or inquiries, it may take longer than usual to respond. I am trying to get into some accounts that have items that must be physically sent somehow, and shut down or off these shops. Some I will leave alone, but it will be too stressful to try and keep track of everything from a rogue pc lol….

Sadly, this isn’t a happy holiday for me so far……

Hope all of your holidays are tons happier and better.

Love!!!!! Angela

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