ATTENTION: Help Catch These Richmond Virginia Thieves!

If anyone knows who this man is or sees a buddha similar to this one in weathered concrete, he stole it off my front porch last night at 3126 Kensington Avenue in the Museum District at 1:45. Three men parked out front in a car and came up on mine and my neighbor’s porches.

This happened last night to a friend, and I ask you to please send this video viral through the RVA area. 

Let’s help her catch these criminals, and return the treasured heirloom to her home!

Also, please keep an eye on the open markets, such as flea markets etc… not sure where this may end up.

If you have heard of any other similiar thefts last night or recently, please post here.

Feel free to post here for any reason that may help find these guys!

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New Update: There is now a GoFund Me page which any money collected there, will go to the person who finds and returns the statue. GOFUNDME REWARD

Here is a Note from Sally!

Buddha, a treasured heirloom, was stolen by four men who cased my front porch last Saturday night at 2am.  We are raising funds to bring awareness of not only the senseless theft of personal property that brings great sorrow and sadness when something treasured is stolen but also to reward the person who finds and return Buddha. The website listed below in the comments and link is to view the theft and the man who took him.  Four men waiting outside my house in a car and brazenly took him and then sat down on my steps to talk after they took him.  All money raised will go directly to the person who finds Buddha. He is exactly like the one shown but in a weathered concrete.