New Affilaites Program

I know it has been a couple weeks since the last update but I have been doing lots of things. The digital store has several new items available, as well as a new program for my customers, or designers and artists to make a little extra to help them out every month.  Here is some info on the program:

Affiliates that generate larger numbers of sales will also receive bonuses when their sales have reached a certain amount, currently set at 5 hundred dollars in sales. Your commission would be $50 and you would receive another $50 as a bonus.

This may not sound like a lot, but if you have a large network or following on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, it can add up quickly. Please note, as affiliates join and make more sales, commissions will also rise in the future.

You can promote sales by text link, banner, and word of mouth, but the best way is to pick a product or 2 that you believe your follower will like, and send them to the product. Several ways to promote will exist.

If a little extra will help you out every month, then please do sign up to join the team, and let’s help eachother prosper in a time when any little seeds are welcome!  To get the full info, and find out how to apply (2 steps to avoid spammers and scammers 😉 please click HERE to go to the affiliate page at the digital store.

Two are better than one shop update!

Here is an update on the progress of the new digital store. Did you know I had a vintage shop also, which I also just moved to WordPress. I actually had to take some time away from this move to work on the tangible store, as I have quite a bit at home to sort, photograph, and create descriptions etc. for. Unfortunately my photographic skills are not what they used to be, and Stephen has not had the time lately to do that part, which is fine because he need the jobs. So, I am left to try to photograph with a cell phone, and a shaky hand… Used to have a really cool digi camera a long time ago, that would take videos, and also create stills from them. Loved that thing, never have seen another.

Anyway, I will be shifting my concentration once again to the new digital store, and I am currently about 2/3 done with transferring what was there. New prices are being adjusted also for better pricing, and this platform has more functions and enables to give you guys more, in the way of … well more lol! Including a new program you can use to promote DSC products for extra cash…. Just grab a product link you like and post it to your blog or website, and collect commissions on kits that sell. Boom!

If you love vintage clothes, and other finds like that, the shop is ready, but I have lots more to add, so once you visit THIS LINK and go to the Shoppe, please consider bookmarking, or subscribing for updates on new additions.

Also, one last thing, if you are using any of my free products to make things to give away free like tags, clusters, or kits, I have this pretty free license you can grab and resize as needed you must place on your website or blog. There will also be many older kits I will be setting free soon. For now the blog trains I was participating in are still on the main websites updates blog, but I am sure I will add a section for freebies on the new store as well. If you would like a preview of the new secure store, it is open for business, just not totally stocked just yet. Of course the name of the game is to keep creating new graphic stock, so the stock will never be finished LOL ?

Take a peek at the new store…