Finally we are moving forward!

Well, today Stephen got the laptop back YAY!

It is a little different than before, different versions etc, so it is taking some getting used to.Also, he found a quirk in the video software, and that will have to get looked at (drat) but hopefully every thing will be back to the norm soon.

In the meantime, Photoshop Elements has been loaded in the laptop again, AND in my desktop, so when Stephen is using the laptop, I can at least get some art done on the old dinosaur.

This means that soon I will be creating some new graphic art for the digital store, as well as some freebies for all of you. I feel bad that I could not continue my astrology wheel freebies, I think I got stopped at Scorpio, but I would like to try and catch those up too for those of you that were collecting them…

If you have not checked out my art on clothing boutique, NOIR yet, please visit at the link, and see my art on wearable designs. More to come there as well. I have a whole lot of creating to catch up on!!





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