Hello Again and a corrected mistake ;)

Yesterdays post update was written to fast I guess, as there were more than a couple mistakes.

After reading it today, one would have thought I was illiterate 😉 This part here should have lead the this …

I did upload a couple new kits there for you there. DIGI SCRAP STORE and I meant to tell you that the store in the original post  TREASURED SCRAPS COLLECTIBLES  has had several vintage pieces added, if you love vintage clothing, and I am lighting a fire under Stephen this week to get more pics of some awesome vintage designer shoes and bags. If you know others that enjoy vintage finds, please share our shop link with them.

Peace and Happiness!


Updates, new stores, new products

Many of my friends and fans know we had a bad pc crash last year that not only rendered me unable to create kits etc, and left me stranded until just the last couple weeks. There is so much to catch up on, and so much to do, I fear I will never do so. I have noticed the digital store is being a biatch again, giving me errors when I upload a file more than around 30 mgs, which sucks because I am allowed 128 mgs each file, and this is the second or third time. I decided not to bother right now with asking support for help, as there is much more to do, but I did upload a couple new kits there for you there. DIGI SCRAP STORE  I may start adding heavier files to my 2 teacher shops (links on DigiScrapCafe.com from page. This does not mean I will not making new resources for artists and scrappers, but I do think I am going to spend more time on creating more unique resources for that project, and also more limited art for resale.

While I was unable to create in the scrapping world, I did find myself going back somewhat to my art, and design roots, and began using my art for fashion design instead of scrapping and creating kits. Altho, I have yet to dig in to the 40,000 dollars worth of designer fabrics stored in my physical workshop, I have launched a new boutique, specifically for the fashion and home decor lines I am creating. The Boutique is located here NOIR STUDIO BOUTIQUE

I am thrilled to say, I have been accepted as a designer at one of the United Kingdoms largest, oldest, and Makers of the Original Artist Made Products anywhere. I am thrilled they liked my work!

it took so long to hear back I was thinking rejection 🙁 but after they took the time to look over the portfolio and the gallery links to my projects, they offered me an artist position! YAY! <3

So I would now like to introduce you to Noir’s UK Store and my very first exclusive collection there.

Altho you will find some initial designs that were made in other outlets, they were added to help me build the store and settings. I will be creating original art and graphics works for this project, so the additions will exclusive to this store.


See the entire collection at the link below!