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These are products available at some of our other outlets.
They are only available at our sister shops and markets. You will find links to all those outlets in the drop down menu in navigation. The links to order the designs will take you to that particular product on the market site it resides.

2 New Gorgeous Bootie Designs for the Holidays

Mirror Pool Women’s Pointed Toe Low Heel Booties

With the durable outsole and stylish look, this low heel bootie is suitable for many occasions and
can perfectly match some clothing, like jeans or casual pants.

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Celestial Women’s Pointed Toe Low Heel Booties

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New Designs in NOIR Vida Shop

I have finally managed to find the time to create more art for the body and home.

You can find the Fine Art at my Gallery and I have just uploaded some beautiful scarves and 

home accents, candles, pillows, and tapestries.

You will find the Unicorn Resting Series on 2 scarves, and 3 home products. 

This is 1 part of a 3 part Unicorn Design.

There is also Golden Unicorn Dreams scarves.

Home collections will be available soon.

Doctor Who Fans will find new and revised versions 

of AMYS CALL, and ESCAPING THE VORTEX (formally known as Fiery Vortex)

2 Scarf versions are available, and the home versions will be available soon.


See all the great Art On Fashion at my NOIR VIDA SHOP