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New Autumn Blush Collection @ Vida

Autumn finally arrived, and to be honest it has always been my favorite time of year!

I am in love with the rich colors, and the warm tones, and I have just created a beautiful 

collection of scarves and matching accessories to get you through the chilly months!

Introducing the Autumn Blush Collection!

Click Image to go there!

This gorgeous collection is the perfect accent to any wardrobe, or maybe you know someone who would glow in these awesome fall colors. Why not think early and grab something from the collection for yourself or a freind, or your wonderful Mom!

Special Sales

Head on over to the shop and see everything there is to offer, including some slashes in price on some of my best selling collections! Have you had you eye on my Buddha Statement Bag, it’s on sale now! Let Buddha show you the way! Check out all the great products on sale too!

Wanted to send an update

Many of you already know in one of my last major newsletter updates at the start of this year, I mentioned I would be “going back to some roots” in the direction I was moving. Well wouldn’t you know that is taking longer than I anticipated, of course.

I did want to let you all know that there is progress tho, the thing is, with 3 stores to update and redo in some cases, it has been a challenge. Going back to roots, or changing direction is actually much easier in real life, especially when your business experience had always been a one to one (floor level lol) experience. Running a resale boutique on Melrose Avenue, seemed a piece of cake compared to doing it online. There is so much more to put in place, secure, and worry about than if you could talk to someone face to face, and shake their hand 😉

Anyhow, I know you all know where my stores are located, and I am not pushing that right now, as I am running beta you could say in all 3, testing new software and plugins, and leaarning new procedures, to make this all work as sensibly as possible, before actually going full force with any BIG things… I have already been through 2 software apps, and discarded them, and am now on my third. I think I may have a winner now lol, so things can go forward, with a little more learning curve for me. You all on my mailing lists are family not just customers or members, I love you all for sticking with me through all I do and all I “experiment” with… you guys all rock! I WILL have something special in all 3 stores for newsletter family when this is all ready, come Summer, which is really only about 6 weeks away, YAY!

Anyhow, I have managed after some searching, phone calls and emails, etc, to reconnect with several of my LA sources, some of which are in other states, and some are actually in Europe. I have made a few new ones also, with the help of old connections, which I have yet to finalize any sort of deal or partnership with ( and am also testing the waters with so to speak), but I do know, that in the case of my vintage and collectibles store, whether the merch comes from me personally, or one of my Artisans or suppliers, I have chosen to make this a US based shipping store only. Mostly because I am just an aging artist who wants to do something I always loved doing, but who does not want to get involved with customs, out of country taxes, or any of that sort of thing. Call me old fashioned, but a simple life is for me…. hey was that a line in a tv show theme lol…. well I hope anyone from outside the US can understand that. My Vintage store has actually always been that way. My Art On Fashion shop will ship worldwide, because I have my designs and fabrics printed in different parts of the world, depending on what I am creating, or what mock ups they have available. These are primarily print on demand items at the NOIR store, the only difference really, is at Noir, some items will actually send you to where I have them printed to buy, but others, such as the designs I ONLY choose to sell on the site and are NOT sold in any other market, are sold through my store cart, and I control how many are sold. This gives me the ability to limit production, or sell a limited edition of an item so that it makes the item and design more special. Mass production is everywhere today, I want to keep some things special, don’t you?

As far as the digital store, you will begin finding scrapbooking, design, and altered art supplies there, (which also are only to be shipped in the US, sorry everyone else) but it is still a digital download store, and the quality and variety of digital items available there will also be better.

If you got this far, you are amazing! I really did not mean to have this be a book, but only a message lol. Hope, and glad you stayed with me. If you want to check out what is changing at the shops, feel free. I do still have to rewrite much of the polocies and information on all 3 based on the changes, but I will begin working on those areas this week.

Hope you all had an amazing Easter. Have a great day!