Author: Noir

2 New Gorgeous Bootie Designs for the Holidays

Mirror Pool Women’s Pointed Toe Low Heel Booties

With the durable outsole and stylish look, this low heel bootie is suitable for many occasions and
can perfectly match some clothing, like jeans or casual pants.

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Celestial Women’s Pointed Toe Low Heel Booties

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New Autumn Blush Collection @ Vida

Autumn finally arrived, and to be honest it has always been my favorite time of year!

I am in love with the rich colors, and the warm tones, and I have just created a beautiful 

collection of scarves and matching accessories to get you through the chilly months!

Introducing the Autumn Blush Collection!

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This gorgeous collection is the perfect accent to any wardrobe, or maybe you know someone who would glow in these awesome fall colors. Why not think early and grab something from the collection for yourself or a freind, or your wonderful Mom!

Special Sales

Head on over to the shop and see everything there is to offer, including some slashes in price on some of my best selling collections! Have you had you eye on my Buddha Statement Bag, it’s on sale now! Let Buddha show you the way! Check out all the great products on sale too!