New Freebies and More

Yep, 2 new random freebies have been listed,

grab em before they go back to regular price.


  • Wood Backgrounds Set 1

  • New kits and resources have been added for Halloween,
  • Autumn, and even a start on Christmas.
  • Plus some retiring products at a discounted price!

Be sure to visit the rest of the store to find the goodies not shown here.


Another New Freebie Feature For Customers

Check the FREEBIES category for the RANDOM FREE GIFT category when ever you visit our store. Periodically you will find a free gift here that will only be available a short time, sort of like a flash sale, but for free. It will only show up in the FREEBIES Category IF it is an active giv-a-way.

Each product that shows up here will be placed here randomly, meaning you never know when another free gift will pop up or how long it will last (generally only 1 day, occasionally a weekend) so visit often.

If you miss a random freebie, it will be available the next day for the regular price, so be quick (wink) 

Hint: the preview picture in this blog post is the upcoming freebie, coming up very soon! Not telling you when tho, you will just have to visit us everyday 😉

Here is another tip, I personally tend to be really spontanious. I get really involved with things, and then suddenly a product will show up free for a limited time. It could be anywhere from 2 hours, to 2 weeks, you never know. Just my way of making your experience at the DigiScrapCafe Store a sweet one!