Another New Freebie Feature For Customers

Check the FREEBIES category for the RANDOM FREE GIFT category when ever you visit our store. Periodically you will find a free gift here that will only be available a short time, sort of like a flash sale, but for free. It will only show up in the FREEBIES Category IF it is an active giv-a-way.

Each product that shows up here will be placed here randomly, meaning you never know when another free gift will pop up or how long it will last (generally only 1 day, occasionally a weekend) so visit often.

If you miss a random freebie, it will be available the next day for the regular price, so be quick (wink) 

Hint: the preview picture in this blog post is the upcoming freebie, coming up very soon! Not telling you when tho, you will just have to visit us everyday 😉

Here is another tip, I personally tend to be really spontanious. I get really involved with things, and then suddenly a product will show up free for a limited time. It could be anywhere from 2 hours, to 2 weeks, you never know. Just my way of making your experience at the DigiScrapCafe Store a sweet one!