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Celebrate!! 65% OFF Sale Has Started

My 65% off sale has started!

Grab some goodies at a rediculously low price!

Celebrating the premier of Jodie Whitaker,

the first female Doctor on the world famous sci-fi show Doctor Who!

She is number THIRTEEN so we will have a 13 day sale at 65% off.

Take advantage now, because I am seriously retiring some of these products,

and they will not be added to any of my shops or stores again.

There are some great bargains now at 65% off.

If you have not added your Halloween Freebie to the Blog Train that opened up October 1st, the submission is open now, and you can add your freebies throughout the end of the month, when the submit button will disappear, but the train links will stay live for anyone visiting to click and visit you websites.

I am doing this a bit different for the holidays to make it easier for folks to add their links, but do request and hope that you will join the Facebook group all the same. After the first of the year, I would like to make these Blog Trains more exclusive, and where the submission links are not visable to the general public. For now tho, take advantage of a new viral way to participate in a blog train. Let’s Rock!!

HEY! I’ll even make it easier for those of you reading this. Here is the train below, all you have to do is add your links, and grab the code for your own blog or website (wherever you linked your freebie to)


Now here is a little freebie you can just click on to grab! 

Click for full size!


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