10th WW Christmas Blog Train

Stand by for the 10th WW Christmas Scrapbooking Blog Train
In the meantime, if you have not grabbed it already, here is last years goodie!

The 9th ‘Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Kit

Scroll down for description and download link

The 9th ‘Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies is getting ready to leave the station!!

This blog train has expired, but you can still grab my part here!


Your free license is inside, please display it on your blog or website, if you use any of my CU freebie items to make freebies or personal kits

If you would like to use my items for commercial use for CU4CU or resale, please refer to the WEBSITE STORE for purchase the proper license. Some items at the main store also have options to buy just a single license also. Check it out.

To visit the main station for the entire list, and grab the rest of the Blog rain Freebies, click the banner below. Remember, everyone is on different time zones, so if you don’t see the freebies posted on your first visit, do try again the next day. This is a WorldWide Train after all  ?


Arrivederci Baby! but more fun to come!!

I have to say that as of today, Pandi Designs has moved on to another shop.
I am very sorry to you all for the short notice, and I am extremely unhappy about the fact that I only just received notice of this from the vendor at 11 AM Eastern time, at which time they asked that I delete their store asap.
A little more notice and a Bon Voyage would have been nice, but I wish them well and good luck!
If you bought anything from this vendor in the short time they were at the Digi Scrap store, I appologise for any inconvenience, but the files have been removed, and if you have any issues, please contact Pandi Designs directly.
Now, have you seen the new freebie for the PixelScrapper Blog Train…
and check out the matching kit too…
click image to visit the kit..