Lifetime CU Licence


Lifetime CU Licence


A Commercial Use License is required if you want to use my freebies or purchased products

to sell commercially. It is also required if you use my products for blog or forum templates,

website templates, Zazzle, Cafe Press, etc. or any product that you will sell. You may use my

products to design your own blog or web site, create layouts for galleries, etc., without being

required to purchase a CU License, as long as you display my Free CU Licence on your website.

You can find that on my blogs or websites

Please refer to each TOU included in the products you purchased downloaded .zip for
any additional restrictions or requirements.

This license allows the holder to use any of DigiScrapCafe products as CU4CU without
purchasing an individual license for each product. (This does not include products resold by me
as a reseller).

You may use them in kits that you sell for CU.
you may use all my CU/CU4CU products to make new CU products.
You may colorize & resize to fit your needs
You may create element packs, scrapkits, etc

You may resell as long as you change the preview of the product to your own.
Credit inside you packaging is required if you resell my items.

Your customer may use them as CU but her customers may only use them as PU only.
Please be sure your customers understand this.

You may not use as freebies or group in the store as a buy my store bundle in it’s natural state
You may not use in a membership site, or give away as a freebie
You may not claim as your own, sell it as is, or use for any illegal purposes

This is a one time fee for a LIFETIME License to create and sell products made from images
purchased from © Angela Hobbs aka and/or it’s affiliate domains.
License must be displayed on your blog or website
My TOU and mention of my resources in your credit document or TOU is required.

This license is non-transferable & does not expire unless revoked for Terms of Use violations.

Note: I do not allow any of my images to be used for anything adult or pornographic in nature
or in any manner that shows prejudice in any form. Licenses for any kind of commercial use will
be immediately revoked at my discretion & no refund will be given for a revoked license.

If you have questions as to whether your end product meets this criteria please feel free to
contact me for clarification at

Once you’ve bought the license, download the instruction file and PSD file to create your
own personalized DSC licence. You may change the colors, backgrounds etc, to suit your own design,
and add your name and website to the slot available to edit, but you must leave the my copyright, name and website url intact on the license.

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