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I am very close to launching the new store, and as I write this, I am most likely the only one who will see it, until launch, unless I choose to send folks directly here earlier. With that said, I have wanted to find a way to reward member, and/or customers for quite some time that entailed more than just a gift or other freebie. Moving to this platform has enabled me to do so, and I invite you to join and help me and yourself supplement your lifestyle.

Affiliates that generate larger numbers of sales will also receive bonuses when their sales have reached a certain amount, currently set at 5 hundred dollars in sales. Your commission would be $50 and you would receive another $50 as a bonus.

This may not sound like a lot, but if you have a large network or following on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, it can add up quickly. Please note, as affiliates join and make more sales, commissions will also rise in the future.

You can promote sales by text link, banner, and word of mouth, but the best way is to pick a product or 2 that you believe your follower will like, and send them to the product. Several ways to promote will exist.

If a little extra will help you out every month, then please do sign up to join the team, and let’s help eachother prosper in a time when any little seeds are welcome! Links at top and sides of the pages.


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