Troubleshooting your downloads

Q: I found a jpg or image in my download instead of a zip file!

A: Occasionally we have a file that is a littler bigger than others, and 

to save disc, and server space, they are sometimes hosted in our stores 

external host. For this reason you might find the following image in your download 

instead of your zip files, have no fear, and read the instructions.

Q: I paid for my product but the download link does not work, or says I need to be logged in when I am.

A: Once again, sometimes we host files on another server with a direct link to save space. If you find that the download link/button in your downloads area for a specific product fails to pop up the zip file, or is not responding, sending you back to login, or other, please refer to the above image and follow the instructions for retrieving your downloads.

All your downloads can be found in your accounts as the image above states. The 

only difference may be where in your account it will be accessible. Please never

hesitate to message us if you need help or have a problem.

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