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Customer Rewards!

Currently, for every dollar you spend here, you will recieve 3 customer reward points.

100 points is equal to $3.00 US dollars. Rack em up now, and spend them in time for Valentines,  St. Patrick, Easter or any other products.

(point rewards subject to changes based on sales, the more we sell the higher rewards for customers)  😎 

As always, you guys win! <3

♥ SAVE MONEY using these never expiring coupon codes:

Please note: These coupons are for use with DIGITAL PRODUCTS ONLY (tangible items which are shipped are not included, sorry). Coupons may become inactive during some special sales!

(Flash Sales, Storewide Percentage Off Sales, etc.)



° Spend $15 or more = 20% off:

coupon code FAIRY20P

15.00 – 20% = You pay 12.00


° Spend $25 or more = 25% off:

coupon code ANGEL25P

25.00 – 25% = You pay 18.75


° Spend $50 or more = 30% off:

coupon code GODDESS30P

50.00 – 30% = You pay 35.00


° Spend $100 or more = 40% off:

coupon code MAGICIAN40P

100.00 – 40% = You pay 60.00


Check the FREEBIES category for RANDOM FREE GIFT category when ever you visit our store. Periodically you will find a free gift here that will only be available a short time, sort of like a flash sale, but for free. It will only show up in the FREEBIES Category IF it is an active giv-a-way.

Each product that shows up here will be placed here randomly, meaning you never know when another free gift will pop up or how long it will last (generally only 1 day, occasionally a weekend) so visit often.

If you miss a random freebie, it will be available the next day for the regular price, so be quick (wink)

Here is another tip, I personally tend to be really spontanious. I get really involved with things, and then suddenly a product will show up free for a limited time. It could be anywhere from 2 hours, to 2 weeks, you never know. Just my way of making your experience at the DigiScrapCafe Store a sweet one!

Weekly Treasure Chest

(Note: The Treasure Chest is taking a break for the holidays. We have so much other fun things for you. 

The Treasure Chest will return next year, with a whole new bounty! AYE!)

A new downloadable prize can be discovered every week just by browsing the store..
On one of the DSC store pages, you will get a memo pop in front of you saying
that you found this weeks prize. It will look like a yellow sticky pad type object.
All you have to do is click the memo and you are instantly taken to the download.
The trick is you won’t know where to find the prize on any given week, and
of course it will change from page to page randomly until you find it, and every week it will be replaced with a new one. Some special weeks, you might even find
more than one, I tend to get more generous towards the holidays, and Halloween is
not that far off ?
Prizes will be everything from paper packs, alphas, full and mini kits, it could be something
from the store, or something totally new, but it will be a useful, commercial use item for you. If you find the weekly treasure, you should not see the same memo again, until a new one is set for the next week.

Keep a watch out for some new and fun ways to shop and socialize.

I will soon be using my avatars to challenge and give you clues to exiting ways to find discounts or freebies.

If you have any great ideas for a challenge or game, comment below with your idea.

If one of your ideas is chosen, you will recieve a free kit of your choice!!

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