DigiScrapCafe’s 2018 Advent Calendar

Merry Chrismas, Happy Holidays,

and Blessed Yule from the Digi Scrap Cafe!

The 24 Days of Christmas Gifts Countdown

This year I have added a link to several of my older, retired, or getting ready to retire kits.

Some gifts you will find are actually still available and are extra bonuses to my readers and followers. 

Please note, these gifts are for PERSONAL USE and LIMITED COMMERCIAL USE. You may create with them, and sell what you make as Personal Use, but no adding anything to your kits as is, or reselling any kit or template as is. Thank you for compliance with the TOU and Rules.


Almost Here! Your Exclusive Newsletter Grab Bag Gift!

This Saturday marks 17 years Stephen and I have been struggling through life together. It has never been easy, but we have made it this far. To celebrate another year, I am creating a special exclusive grab bag packed full of new items for my newsletter subscribers. Altho some of the items may be found in different kits in the future, this grab bag will ONLY be for my subscribers. it will contain a variety of items for scrapbooking, and some ebooks with great info, and home crafts etc, for those of you who don’t do digital art.

Above is a small sample of what kind of graphics you will find in it (not shown in full size)…. there will be over 5o items in this special gift.

In order to get this special gift, you need to be a subscriber to my newsletters. You will get updates from any and all my blog feeds, when new items are added to the stores, or news and updates are added to the blogs. If you stayed on my lists after the May 23rd privacy act, thank you, this is especially for you!! If you would like the special gifts I am creating for subscribers, you can join the mailing list HERE .
This special newsletter and gift will be sent out Saturday June 9th!

SSL Secure lock will renew around 15th

Another year has gone by and another SSL Certificate is required for my website stores (https://treasuredscrapsrva.net). From past experience, it seems that once you order your renewal, your current one turns off, and your website is unsecure until the new one is installed and working. How stupid this is, but oh well.
If you visit me in the near future, sometime around the 15th, and discover that horrible message about an unsecrued site, have no fear, and please visit again in another day, when hopefully the certificate will be working.

​That’s all for now, stay tuned for the newsletter this weekend!

Happy New Year Digi Friends!!

A New Year !! Wow! Let us hope it is a great year.

This month is my birthday, the 16th, and I will be hosting some sales and other fun. I need the weekend, and the beginning of next week to get it all together, but besides some cool discounts, I will be bringing back the weekly treasure chest too.

My Steampunk Resale Pack with License included can still be bought if your cart reaches $8… (American $) and I might be adding another pack soon too.

Hope those of you who built up customer reward points and turned them in for cash are happy with the new rewards system.

As stated would happen after the holidays in an earlier update, the reward points have been reduced, from 5 to 3 points instead of 2, because it is my birthday, and I am feeling generous. Sometime after January the reward system will go to 2 points on every dollar you spend, still a bargain to get free products. So whatever you spend this month, be sure to spend your credits soon or they will also be reduced when the system changes.

You cardmaker designers, be sure to check out my shop at CraftsUPrint for new designs and resources.

That’s all for now, I will be back soon with sale info and more…