Almost Here! Your Exclusive Newsletter Grab Bag Gift!

This Saturday marks 17 years Stephen and I have been struggling through life together. It has never been easy, but we have made it this far. To celebrate another year, I am creating a special exclusive grab bag packed full of new items for my newsletter subscribers. Altho some of the items may be found in different kits in the future, this grab bag will ONLY be for my subscribers. it will contain a variety of items for scrapbooking, and some ebooks with great info, and home crafts etc, for those of you who don’t do digital art.

Above is a small sample of what kind of graphics you will find in it (not shown in full size)…. there will be over 5o items in this special gift.

In order to get this special gift, you need to be a subscriber to my newsletters. You will get updates from any and all my blog feeds, when new items are added to the stores, or news and updates are added to the blogs. If you stayed on my lists after the May 23rd privacy act, thank you, this is especially for you!! If you would like the special gifts I am creating for subscribers, you can join the mailing list HERE .
This special newsletter and gift will be sent out Saturday June 9th!

SSL Secure lock will renew around 15th

Another year has gone by and another SSL Certificate is required for my website stores ( From past experience, it seems that once you order your renewal, your current one turns off, and your website is unsecure until the new one is installed and working. How stupid this is, but oh well.
If you visit me in the near future, sometime around the 15th, and discover that horrible message about an unsecrued site, have no fear, and please visit again in another day, when hopefully the certificate will be working.

​That’s all for now, stay tuned for the newsletter this weekend!

Happy New Year Digi Friends!!

A New Year !! Wow! Let us hope it is a great year.

This month is my birthday, the 16th, and I will be hosting some sales and other fun. I need the weekend, and the beginning of next week to get it all together, but besides some cool discounts, I will be bringing back the weekly treasure chest too.

My Steampunk Resale Pack with License included can still be bought if your cart reaches $8… (American $) and I might be adding another pack soon too.

Hope those of you who built up customer reward points and turned them in for cash are happy with the new rewards system.

As stated would happen after the holidays in an earlier update, the reward points have been reduced, from 5 to 3 points instead of 2, because it is my birthday, and I am feeling generous. Sometime after January the reward system will go to 2 points on every dollar you spend, still a bargain to get free products. So whatever you spend this month, be sure to spend your credits soon or they will also be reduced when the system changes.

You cardmaker designers, be sure to check out my shop at CraftsUPrint for new designs and resources.

That’s all for now, I will be back soon with sale info and more…

OMG! New Exciting Changes!!

Lots of new and improved changes to the Digi Scrap Cafe!

This may or may not be a long newsletter, depending on your perspective.
In any case, grab a cuppa, and let’s see what’s new!

The store has been cleaned up and re organised some, to accommodate a lot of new features. It took awhile to figure it all out so the store could run as smoothly as possible, with less hoops to jump through. I am in love with the WordPress store platform, it is unique, and beautiful, and I am happy to offer you a store experience like no other digi shops out there today.


See them all at the store!


The first change is in our freebie section. You no longer need to either log in and create an account, NOR use a coupon for freebies. ALL FREEBIES OFFERED ON THE STORE  FREEBIE SECTION ARE NOW DIRECT DOWNLOADS! YAY! All you have to do is look around the products page for the direct link to download your freebie. This is convenient for us both, you get easy freebies, and the store saves space, win win! This will include any blog trains the store participates in as well.

Although you no longer have to create an account for our freebies, I hope you will find other awesome items that you will want to add to your cart as well!


I have not abandoned this freebie, only put it on hold. There is so much going on, and so much to so over the holidays, it seemed lost in the mix. It will return after the new year.


Welcome this colaboration between me and my friends Penny and John. Both are artists, and are helping to create single elements for your scrapbook and cardmaking pleasure.

This store is all about mix and match, where you will find prices ranging from .10 cents, on up….. The main purpose here is to offer many single images that can be purchased for extremely low prices, so you the customer, can buy only what you need or want. No need to purchase an entire kit, just for a few items you see in the preview! (there is a check out threshold of $1.50 tho) Occasionally you will also find a kit or two in this vendor store, as well as other unique items, while all prices will be generally low.


Because we are bringing a super economical shop into the fold, we had to figure out how not to go bankrupt lol. Previously we did not have this concern because we were not considering selling single images at such low prices. We considered another coupon code, but this way is both confusing and hassling to both you and us, so I searched for a solution to limit the cart itself, and finally found one that worked with WordPress and my theme, YAY!

In order to accomodate the new price ranges, a customer must now have $1.50 US in the cart to check out. This means we can offer flash sales, and sales with percentages as much as 90% off, without the store losing. I hope you all understand. I have seen stores with much higher checkout levels, I have also seen stores that have tons of freebies, but will not let you at them unless you meet the price threshold. My belief is, If it is marked free, then it should be free!! Hence the new changes to the freebie area, so you can have your freebies without paying any money, nor signing up for an account….

I may in the future also find a plugin that allows WordPress to offer you an exclusive freebie when a certain amount has been entered into the cart, but am still looking for that…. I may however offer some freebies this way, and a BMS offer using a different method in the meantime, stand by for that.


Here are a couple you can download right here.

From the Christmas Candy ClipArt Set

Here is a freebie from my new

Starry Christmas Brilliance Curtains 

Both have been reduced in size. The full kit sizes

are 1000, and 1500 pixels


Since many changes have been made in the last week or so, if any of you find an issue, examples, something is not working right, you can’t do something you know you should be able to, some words or descriptions are all wrong in categories or pages, etc…. CONTACT ME with I FOUND AN ISSUE in the header, and please explain your issue in detail.

Any members that find and help fix a valid issue, will get thier choice of ANY DSC/ALCHEMIST VENDOR PRODUCT FREE! (Devon3D products not included)

Well, that’s all for now, more fun to come!

Now, let’s go shopping!!


WOW!! I forgot one really very important change. 


That’s right, for EVERY DOLLAR you spend untill the new year, you will recieve 5 reward points.

That is higher than anywhere else. When you reach 100 points, that is worth $5.00. So for every $20.00 

you spend untill the end of 2017, you will get $5.00 to spend in the store. Incredible, how can we afford this. 

Well we are not rich, just in the spirit of Christmas and the Holidays.

Hurry and build those points up before the end of the year tho, because points will be reduced to 2 points on a

dollar after the new year, still higher than most. Peace!