60% Off Black Friday Cyber Monday NOW!

Sorry to be late on this, the holidays are already taking up a lot of time.

Just wanted to give you a short note to say my Friday/Monday sale is on now. 60% off All DIGITAL Products.


I am behind, but a few new freebies will be coming up. Have a GREAT THANKSGIVING for those who celebrate,

and health and abundance to all!

Sale ends Tuesday!


Attention Creatives

PLEASE READ: The below has been updated from the image below!


I am especially in need of a creative team for my
digital resources store: https://treasuredscrapsrva.net/digital
or all resources page at http://digiscrapcafe.com

A creative team to complete 2, up to 4
previews for promotions a month,, you will be privy
to new commercial use kits as well as some of my resale items.

I also create journal pages and kits that can include tags, pockets, bookmarks,
as well as journal sized pages. If you are a journal keeper or love to create
physical junk journals from printed material, I need you. I actually create the work,
but do not create actual printed out journals, so someone who loves to do this kind
of journaling is more than encouraged to contact me.

My CT’s will also get special rights. CT’s who have proven themselves
thru creativity and loyalty (after 6 months) will also receive my
CU and RESALE licenses for my artist designs free.

I also need my CT’s to promote the product packages, and the art
work they created for the product, on their blogs, websites and social
networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, the more the merrier).

All creative work you create for me will be credited with your name
on all products I load and sell.

If you write tutorials or not, this is an option which
would be very appreciated, but not required. I am also open to other
writers, especially if you have working knowledge in other software or
editors like PS Elements, Gimp, or Pixlr. Tutorials for these editors
are greatly needed as more and more people are using these free or
inexpensive options lately. I run several writing hubs, so if you love
to write articles, tutorials, about scrapping or even fashion, your
articles can be published. I also try to put out a pamplet or magazine
every quarter, so writers and contributors for the mag would be great!

My digital store is up and running and the only thing missing is you!
Warning: I am overworked, disorganised, and Would love to work with you.

If interested, please contact me here or at the store
PM me with your request to join my team, along with any questions,
and a link or 2 to some of your creative work.

Thanks for reading!

Phase One of the New Year! and Romance is in the Air!

I have spent the better part of yesterday remodeling, re-arranging and cleaning up my store,
and have done a 90% price adjustment to the entire store, as well as deemed several previously PTU kits Free now.

Many of these freebies are just in time for Valentines Day, as they are all about the romance  😉


Among what I did was also move many more items to the bargain bin and retiring bin, as well as make the few
leftover kits from my 2 resellers packs drastically reduced in price, until the last few are gone.
My reseller licence is included in these kits, (a 50 dollar value) use for any of my resale items to resell the kits with new cover work, or sell my cu4cu, s4h, s4o products as commercial use to your customers within a kit you make. You can not use it on any items marked personal use tho.



If you do see anything you love in these last formentioned areas, please do grab them when you can afford them, because I will be doing another “clean up” in another week or 2, and some of those items will disappear from the store forever to create space for my new releases.
This also include some or most of the freebies, which may or may get reloaded as direct downloads, or may be posted elsewhere, or just may go to the place all scrap goes to rest lol… in any case the old saying is, if you like it, buy it, as it may not be there tomorrow!

I beleive I mentioned to my newsletter folks, that my direction is changing, or in some cases reverting back to my old ways lol.
Meaning, more art for walls, home, and clothing, which also includes more art in the form of patterns and graphics for you to use in your POD, Heritage, or general scrapbooking needs.


I will make smaller commercial use element kits from time to time, anywhere from from 6 to 10 pieces or so at reasonable prices, but I will also be concentrating on journals, cards, and heritage designers and hobbiests, so I will be creating at least one or two kits per month that are themed to the seasons and month of the calendar year. These will be bundles including elements, journal cards, QPs, clusters, labels, papers, overlays, and much more. Of course each kit will be different.

I will also begin implementing a new logo along with or in place of the DSC logo, to depict the newer designs and graphics, from the old ones, using my design name


There have been a few changes/additions to the overall look and feel of the site, as to make it a little more accomodating and easier to know where you are. The blog and other pages are the opposite of what the store pages now look like, so you know if you are on the product catalog, or blog etc. There are also several things on sale which you will see randomly that and other suggestions in the sidebars, and a handy link under the product categories that will open the index to all the categories so you don’t have to use the dropdown, but enough talking, you all can start with the freebies section :mrgreen:


Just so you know, since these were previously PTU items, you need to put them in a cart like a normal sale, some of the other freebies in the store marked Account Freebies are previous PTU’s, and items in the Direct Downloads category are no login downloads. Have fun!