New Items Added plus Newsletter Freebie On the Way!!

We have had a lot going on since the last newsletter in June…

I will save the stories and a new freebie for subscribers only till then,

which I will most likely start writing later today, so if you are not signed up to our

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Here is just some previews of what was added today.

We now have new categories (which will be explained further in the newsletter)

for Hybrid crafting, such as cardmaking and paper crafts. So items of course you can

find at my CraftsUPrint store, if you are a member and like to do Gold Star crafting..

Thats it for the moment, watch out for the July newsletter and freebies.

Visit The Land Of Luck

Using my Luck of the Irish Celtic Kit these gorgeous works were made.
Alan Corker Professional Crafter from Luton, United Kingdom

Luck of the Irish kit is a very versatile card making kit, your options are vast. I made 2 cards from this kit and I was so surprised to find that there is so much more to this kit.

another lovely card

Check out the kit below 

You can grab my full 100 plus piece kit at my store 

DigiScrapCafe HERE

Or if your are a CraftsUPrint User you can purchase a smaller kit (57 pieces)


Happy New Year Digi Friends!!

A New Year !! Wow! Let us hope it is a great year.

This month is my birthday, the 16th, and I will be hosting some sales and other fun. I need the weekend, and the beginning of next week to get it all together, but besides some cool discounts, I will be bringing back the weekly treasure chest too.

My Steampunk Resale Pack with License included can still be bought if your cart reaches $8… (American $) and I might be adding another pack soon too.

Hope those of you who built up customer reward points and turned them in for cash are happy with the new rewards system.

As stated would happen after the holidays in an earlier update, the reward points have been reduced, from 5 to 3 points instead of 2, because it is my birthday, and I am feeling generous. Sometime after January the reward system will go to 2 points on every dollar you spend, still a bargain to get free products. So whatever you spend this month, be sure to spend your credits soon or they will also be reduced when the system changes.

You cardmaker designers, be sure to check out my shop at CraftsUPrint for new designs and resources.

That’s all for now, I will be back soon with sale info and more…