Attention Creatives


I am especially in need of a creative team for my
digital resources store:

A creative team of taggers and artists to complete 2, up to 4
tags a month, and previews for promotions, you will be privy
to new commercial use kits as well as my resale items.

My CT’s will also get special rights. CT’s who have proven themselves
thru creativity and loyalty (after 6 months) will also receive my
CU and RESALE licenses free.

I also need my CT’s to promote the product packages, and the art
work they created for the product, on their blogs, websites and social
networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, the more the merrier).

Taggers can either write tutorials or not, this is an option which
would be very appreciated, but not required. I am also open to other
writers, especially if you have working knowledge in other software or
editors like PS Elements, Gimp, or Pixlr. Tutorials for these editors
are greatly needed as more and more people are using these free or
inexpensive options lately. I run several writing hubs, so if you love
to write articles, tutorials, about scrapping or even fashion, your
articles can be published. I also try to put out a pamplet or magazine
every quarter, so writers and contributors for the mag would be great!

My new digital store is up and running and the only thing missing is you!
Warning: I am overworked, disorganised, and Would love to work with you.

If interested, please contact me here or at the store,
or join my website forum here: and
PM me with your request to join my team.

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