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Another New Freebie Feature For Customers

Check the FREEBIES category for the RANDOM FREE GIFT category when ever you visit our store. Periodically you will find a …
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New Treasure Chest Freebie 8/18/17

Aye Mateys, we be here with another treasure! Last week we had a little rough seas, and some of you …
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The Treasure Chest Hunt Is On! Week 8/11/17

Did you find last weeks treasure ? Did you search for it ? Well, you might want to search for …
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This weeks Treasure Chest has been hidden!

Did you find last weeks prize? No worries Mate, a new prize has been hidden. Search our store for the …
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OMG! New Exciting Changes!!

Lots of new and improved changes to the Digi Scrap Cafe! This may or may not be a long newsletter, depending on your perspective. In any case, grab a cuppa, and let’s see what’s new! The store has been cleaned up and re organised some, to accommodate a lot of new features. It took awhile to figure it all out so the store could run as smoothly as possible, with less hoops to jump through. I am in love with the WordPress store platform, it is unique, and beautiful, and I am happy to offer you a store experience like no other digi shops out there today. SOME NEW ITEMS See them all at the store! OUR FREEBIES! The first change is in our freebie section. You no longer need to either log in and create an account, NOR use a coupon for freebies. ALL FREEBIES OFFERED ON THE STORE  FREEBIE SECTION ARE NOW DIRECT DOWNLOADS! YAY! All you have to do is look around the products page for the direct link to download your freebie. This is convenient for us both, you get easy freebies, and the store saves space, win win! This will include any blog trains the store participates in as well. Although you no longer have to create an account for our freebies, I hope you will find other awesome items that you will want to add to your cart as well! THE WEEKLY TREASURE CHEST I have not abandoned this freebie, only put it on hold. There is so much going on, and so much to so over the holidays, it seemed lost in the mix. It will return after the new year. THE ALCHEMIST SHOPPE Welcome this colaboration between me and my friends Penny and John. Both are artists, and are helping to create …
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