Wrap It Up! Fashion Style

When I was still an entertainer, and thin, I used to extend my stage wardrobe and my street wardrobe with scarves of all sizes and lengths. I was quite good at the art of wrap. No, not that kind of rap, fashion wrap. Something fashion designers, dancers and entertainers alike have learned to do from as early as the 17oo’s, maybe even longer.

Most people think of scarves as something to throw over your shoulders, tie around your neck, or head, and that is about it for most people, but did you know, you can create wearable dresses, tops, pants, skirts, and so much more, with a single scarf or piece of fabric. They are also not just for summer or spring, you can create and wear a wrapped scarf at any time of the year, as you will soon learn as I continue to bring you new ways to Wrap It Up! Fashion Style!

Let’s look into this a bit, with a new collection of scarves I recently added to my store. This one I have ordered 4 of my own as test products, and will most likely be one of the styles I will use in the upcoming future to show you more and more new wrap designs.

Silk Chiffon Feel Like Shawl Sarong










This next one is a perfect scarf for not just neck and shoulder wraps, but you would be surprised at how much more you can create with a scarf this size. I have also bought myself this brown one as well.

Leopard Print Pashima Scarves and Wraps

I have always loved scarves, and since I recently found some gorgeous scarves, and sarongs to add to the stores collections, I thought I would add some info and ideas for using these awesome wardrobe extenders to the blog, and to some of the product pages in the store.  Below is a video from awhile back that I found inspiring, and hope you do too.

I have several new styles of scarves, sarongs, and pashimas to add to the store, but as always, I like to test some of these items out myself before doing so, and my mailbox is awaiting future additions. So if you love scarves as much as I do, or want to learn more about how this wonderful wardrobe addition can work for you, check out what our shop has to offer, and join the mailing list to stay on top.

Till then, Happy Wrapping!

Arrival of the Retro Linen Cotton Pleated Maxi Skirts

I absolutely LOVE this skirt. I would never call myself a hippie, although I may have lived a Bohemian lifestyle in some of my younger years. There was a time, I simply did not feel comfortable in pants or slacks, and wore nothing but dresses and skirts, preferably with flowing, balerina type skirts like this beautiful fashion.

I am even further trilled because I just struck a partnership with the manufacture of this and some other wonderful designs. I will be able to bring these designs and more to you for a lot less than anywhere else. The source has sent me a product for review, and I am pleased as pie, and the ability to keep up with the trends to be able to offer it to you in a rainbow of colors, and low competitive prices.

I have added some pics of myself (headless for safety) of the minty sort of sea green color I asked for

(product item number 9). See the product HERE!

Please keep in mind the photos are “selfies” lol, and not the best. 1st is very blurry (sorry) but the 2nd came out ok.

I also made them a little fancy as not to show my messy project room. 😉

I was not sure about the color, because pc monitors do lie 😉 but I wanted to take a chance on an off the wall color, as I do like green if it isn’t screaming at me lol (with the exception of Emerald, I Love the color Emerald. ) The product pic is a little lighter than the color I received, but I personally like it better, because I tend towards the olives and the sages especially when the material is light and airy.

The product photo below, actually depicts the color a bit more realistically, and as you can see from the photo, the product is pretty well made, in my oppinion.

BUT that’s not all! I have partnered with a few more brands, a couple of up and coming brands, and an artist from California. 

I am still working on creating more relationships with both new brands and manufacturers, as well as being in contact with some of my old suppliers and manufacturers from my Los Angeles store. Altho I am not able to find a few to reconnect, I am pleased as pie that many of my old suppliers are still where I left them. 

Do you love hats. Of course you do.

Chack out 2 new brand additions to the store.

Chapeaus by Fashion Show

England Beach Hat


I have a challenge for my customers. Purchase one of the items in this blog post, and post a pic or pics of you wearing the item here, and come Summer (June 21st) I will choose a winner who will recieve a $25 gift certificate to the store.

Everyone who participates, will also get a $5 off coupon to use on any item also. You must post pics of you wearing one of these 3 items to win. 

If you have purchased other items and would like to post pics, you can do that on the items you purchase, and I would love it if you rate the item also. I will randomly award purchasers with coupons or gifts.

Get snapping 😉