We sell a collection of vintage and antique items, mixed in with specially chosen items from our suppliers around the world. We have partnered with artists, designers, and suppliers from the US, Italy, England, Asia, and many other parts of Europe. We work to find the best and trendiest products for you and your home.

We offer clothing and other items at a fraction of their retail price. Factors that determine the resale price include Designer or brand, supply and demand, and relevance to today’s contemporary styles and trends. Our prices may change and fluctuate with the changing market. We are constantly having flash sales and unadvertised sales and discounts, to bring you the best prices. Please be advised, items in our store are on a supply and demand basis. If you see something you love, grab it when you can, as our inventory and availability of a product is subject to change.




Vintage collecting has always been one of the best things that exists. Whether you have a love for vintage or antique clothing, textiles or that gorgeous breakfront you saw in the local antique store, we all have a love for the old and treasured crafts and creations from yesteryear. Did I hear you say not you! When was the last time you muttered some form of "they just don't make things like they used to". I thought so 😉 You will find videos and other info on both the hobby, and industry of vintage through out our website. Browse our store for well loved and rare clothing and decor and check out our resources for more videos and tutorials for artists and collectors. Visit Angel Wing Vintage for even more.

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