Subscribers Have A Free Gift Waiting!!

If you are a subscriber of this or my digital feeds, your special subscriber
gift was just mailed out in this months newsletter!

The only way to get this is to be a subscriber of the website blogs and you will receive this awesome gift bag.

This gift has more than 50 new graphics, several ebooks on crafts and recipes, and my World Scenes calendar

for 2018 for you to print out for personal use.

If you would like to grab this freebie, you can still sign up by adding your name to our newsletter and blog feeds list.

CLICK HERE to subscribe. This will put you on the main list.


I have begun to combine lists, in case you might be wondering. The collectibles and digital feeds are getting combined. This will probably complete in about a week. You can still sign up to either list, they will just be combined in the aftermath.

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