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This monthly list is a FREE venue for small business to sell their art, supplies and goods from a collection of sellers offering quality merchandise for you.

TO SELL: Link up to 4 items each month from your selling venue, please link to the product NOT the Store Index!. Please grab the badge and post on your blog or website. For further traffic and visability, please grab the code each month and place it on a page in your store designated for these link parties, OR place the code on the post for the product you posted. Inserted the code on yor own sites is NOT mandatory, but will help drive traffic to you if you choose to use it.

TO BUY: You will purchase directly from the sellers link. Each click of a thumbnail link will open in a new window, so you will not lose traffic to your shop. A new link list will be published on the 1st of every month and you can link in at any time during the month. All previous months link ups are listed in the blog category MONTHLY VINTAGE FLEA MARKET

The Darned Rules
(we have to have some)

1.. Your link must be to a selling venue (website, etsy, ebay, etc.) where a buy now option is located. If you link back to anywhere that is not a shop or store venue, it MUST have a paypal buy button on the product page.
Each link will be reviewed and will be removed if there is no buy option. Your link will also be removed if we find anything other than collectible items for sale. We have other linkys for all kinds of themes that you can find here


The monthly link up is meant to be a collection of quality vendors and merchandise for artists, crafters or collectors.

2. If you are going to be linking up your good here, we request you add our badge to a blog or website.
We understand that you cannot do this on Etsy, Ebay or other venues like those just mentioned, but we do have a badge below that you can add to your product listing, and you will still be linking back to your etsy/ebay shop for the completed sale. The badge helps bring traffic to our site and in turn also increases your chances of selling your items. Please help spread the word, and tell you friends and fans.

right click to save image to your computer pic files and link to:

or paste the code below into the html of your webpage

Monthly Vintage Flea Market

Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML

3. These are the items allowed..
*all crafts and art supplies new or vintage
*vintage, antique and collectible items (see exceptions below)
*fabrics, sewing, linens new or vintage
*vintage clothing, shoes and accessories (see exceptions below)
*vintage books, audio, video, magazines, paper. New DIY and instructional are accepted
*vintage or handmade jewelry
*handmade items as long as they do not fall into any of the items not allowed below
*handmade clothing and accessories
*crafts such as candles, wands, alter clothes (we do not discriminate religions)

4.. These are the items not allowed…
*new jewelry unless it is handmade (some exceptions may apply)
*new clothing or shoes unless it is handmade (some exceptions may apply such as high end designer resale)
*large appliances
*automotive or automotive parts
*Violent, Adult or pornographic materials.
*Political or religious agenda of any form (crafted items such as clothing and accessories are fine, but no political, or Religious propaganda!!!)
*new Books, media, audio or video unless it is DIY, instructional or vintage

Each link is reviewed and will be removed if there are any items deemed not appropriate for this venue

5. You may list up to 4 items per month. A new list goes up at the 1st of every month.
Each months list will close at the end of each month, but will be active at all times, so please try not to list the same items each week. You can find previous months link ups in the blog category MONTHLY VINTAGE FLEA MARKET

6. This website, (Treasured Scraps) has no involvment and assumes no responsibility for the transactions made between parties.
It is up to the buyer and seller using these links to resolve any disputes or issues that may arise.

Got Questions???

Post a comment here and we will respond with an answer within 48hrs

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