Open a Consignment Shop – Ongoing Course

  • by Angela
  • Course level: Intermediate

About Course

This product is for testing purposes only. It will eventually become a full course, and it will be noted available in the description.


Selling On Consignment 

Over the coming weeks I will be adding steps on how to start, whether you are looking to consign, or to start your own shop. Starting here, I will begin to offer you tips and an organised way to get you on the right road. We will go step by step, and each step will offer up a discussion on that topics “lesson”.

My initial posts about this business will be geared to giving you tips, and answering questions about the process of resale. Some of this information will be made public, and some wll not. If you really have an interest in learning, and discussing the business of resale and consignment, you should do yourself a favor and sign up to our free project. If you know something about this business, or have a knowledge of another type of business you would like to share or teach, please do join us.

Also, some of the discussions on such topics, like this initial one, will be left open to the public to read, (if you want to post to the discussions you will have to register) but some other further discussions on a topic lesson, will be private to members only, so join if you want to participate, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn to earn income from items you already have

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Material Includes

  • ebook on flea markets.
  • Lists for decluttering, sorting, and more.


  • an open mind and the ability to part with things you don't need

Target Audience

  • anyone who has clutter, and items that are still valuable but are no longer needed or wanted