Welcome to our Collectibles Store

Run by Stephen and Angela,

We are a Richmond Virginia couple who own online art studios
& shops focusing on art, graphics & vintage gifts & collectibles.

We sell a collection of vintage and antique items, mixed in with specially chosen items from our suppliers around the world. We work with artists, designers, and suppliers from Italy, England, France, Asia, and many other parts of Europe. We work to find the best and trendiest products for you and your home. Please be advised, items in our store are on a supply and demand basis. If you see something you love, grab it when you can, as our inventory, prices and the availability of a product is subject to change.

Store and shop owners, I can offer wholesale on some items at good prices. You can pick these items up in the Richmond area if you own a physical store here, or online stores can have merchandise shipped to the address they do business with. If you are already a current customer of my store, you can contact me through your account panel. Others may contact me through my social links, preferably Facebook, to inquire about product availability, and pricing.

Check our blog for posts on new items, from both our digital & tangible markets (online and local) and for sales, discounts and more. There are commercial use resources at the Digi Scrap Cafe store for scrapbooking, artists, and designers. We sell a variety of CU, and Resell products that you can use to create, or sell on your own stores & websites. We also have “Angel Wing Vintage” a vintage website where I share articles and stories about bygone eras, and run a Monthly Vintage Online Flea Market. Recently I have launched another outlet “Noir Studio Designs” for my Art On Fashion Boutique.

Click the black button on the side to subscribe to our main mailing list, or create an account here to download freebies. Be sure to visit the main stores for all products. Links are in the menu above!

A few items from time to time, are only available in the local Richmond Virginia area.  We do not ship products or items that are either too heavy, or too rare or delicate, they are strictly purchase and pick-up/delivery in our local area only. Those items when available, will be clearly marked, and will direct locals to contact us about local sales.

To contact us, please click the CONTACT link in the site footer below for info on how.

If you are an art and graphics lover,
you may also find us, and all mine and Stephens art and
graphics works at the Digi Scrap Cafe
http://www.digiscrapcafe.com where links to many active resources can be found.
Just a peak into our yard, and one of Stephens creations.
We are both lovers of nature, but Stephen actually likes to dig in it 😉


I have been in and out of the music industry for over 40 years. Beginning as an entertainer, I have done everything from production and promotion, to booking and management. While living in Los Angeles for many years, I worked within the field of music, film and tv. I also dealt in vintage and collectibles, as well as owned a designer resale and vintage boutique where I sold and rented high end clothing and costumes to the studios for movies and tv. I also manufactured my own small clothing line from upstairs in that store.

I also loved to do trunk shows, flea markets and other events associated with the selling of used, original, or crafted goods.

Some of the fabrics I will be selling are quite high end fabrics from Europe and from designers such as Valentino and Anne Klein, worth between $20 and $100 a yard. Please keep checking for my additions.

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