Treasured Scraps RVA is closing soon. We are in the process of rebuilding our shop HERE and eventually our domain treasuredscrapsrva dot com, will redirect to there.
Please note: We have decided to no longer ship items outside of Richmond Virginia. Currently and in the future, we are an online catalog shop only, and on a pick up or delivery service, for the RVA Locale.
This may change in the future, if we can find a cart that lets us ONLY accept local payments, but for now, if you see an item, you must contact us either at the website or at our Facebook group (0nly RVA addresses will be accepted in this private group), and you will receive an invoice for the product from Square or Stripe.

If you love it grab it when you see it (The Bargain Shopping Creed)

We have suspended shipping from all our overseas suppliers indefinitely, and we have also suspended any shipping of tangible items altogether. We are currently a Catalog shop, and catering to our local community and area. All tangible items are currently being sold to the Richmond Virginia locality, on a pick-up or delivery basis only! If you are a brick and mortar store in the RVA area, you may also find bulk lots here that were originally from one of my LA or RVA stores, and you are welcome to contact me for bulk prices on available items. Check the category Wholesale Lots for any items. All items you see in the store now come directly from me and are from my personal collections! Delivery available in a 20 mile radius, or pick up at a designated predetermined local. All items must be paid for and cleared before pick up or delivery. To ask questions or purchase, contact us at our TreasuredScrapsRVA Facebook page, or our local Angels RVA Treasures Facebook group.

Sellers & Shop owners can find more places to inquire here Contact

We have a digital section selling downloadable art, graphics, ebooks, online courses, and more. This part of the store is open to a worldwide audience. The photography was taken by Stephen Messer, or myself, and is mostly images from the Richmond Virginia area. We do sell our art in our own online gallery in frames, canvas, and on some merchandise, the photography, and other art sold here, comes in either JPG, PNG or PDF form and will be printable for you to use, or frame yourself. You can find an active list of all stores and shops here at DigiScrapCafe

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