A detailed guide on magnum 4D

One of the versions of the famous 4D lottery games is available in Malaysia through the magnum 4D life. Despite the fact, it is true that its game rules are simple. It is worth investigating because there are not many different factors from the 4D lottery games.

In Malaysia, magnum 4D life is the biggest lottery operator. And despite the opportunities, it is considered the safest and the most trustworthy. Their primary goal is to give the popular 4D variations and different results.

If you are also looking for this version, and want to get the complete details on it, then read the following facts of the article.

Magnum 4D Malaysia rules

There are some rules to understand the numerical lotteries, and once you understand the rules, you better know how to play the magnum 4D life. You can choose the number anywhere between 0000 the 9999. Every game has a minimum stake of one ringgit, but you have to take the risk more to create more chances of winnings.

  • I perm betting

  • I perm betting you are referred to the I permutation. You have to select the possible number of permutations that are interesting to you. These numbers are anything from four to twenty-four in between.

    In simple words, you have only to select the numbers that will be changed and give the four different outcomes.

  • Roll betting

In roll betting, the possible set of outcomes of magnum 4d Malaysia ranges from 1 to 4. For roll 1, the player has to choose the three numbers from 0 to 9, and the first is the direct selection from 0 to 9.

The four roll numbers also range from 0 to 9. It requires placing the wages of at least RM 10.

Big betting Vs. small betting

In the magnum 4d Malaysia games, two sorts of bets are made, small or big. It is for those who are not aware of placing the small bet. It indicates that you are placing the wages and your number are coming at the top of the three positions, and you lead the win by getting either first prize, second prize, and third prize.

What to do if you win the magnum 4D

If anyone wins in the magnum 4d Malaysia, then the prize is distributed to them on the following day of the drawing. In spite of the headquarters, the claims are also submitted at the time of the retail approval location of the company.

Winners have the time of 180 days from the drawing date to get the claim for the prize. If you do not redeem the money within the deadline, then it will automatically deposit into the ministry of finance fund.

Interesting facts

There are a total of three sessions of the magnum 4D life every week, Wednesday, Sunday, and Saturday. At the magnum 4d Malaysia headquarters, public members are also welcome to buy the lottery and wait for the number drawn. Tickets are purchased on the day before 7 PM in order to become eligible for the next drawing.

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