6 Quick Tips for Choosing Your Own Toto Numbers

As we all know, Toto is a game of chance and the odds of winning a Toto game are 1 in 10 million. It’s impossible to figure out the right numbers to win, but you can still help yourself with a few simple tips.

Strategies of winning:

Balance of Odd and Even Numbers

Always try to play a balanced game, because there are very rare chances that all numbers will be even or all numbers will be odd in the draw. So make sure that you have a mix of odd and even numbers when choosing your 6-digit number. It is said that if you choose the mixture of numbers, the chances of winning will increase in 70-80% of the draws.

Mixing High-Low Numbers

The winning numbers are spread over the entire number field. The winning numbers are spread over the range from 1 to 49. If you divide these numbers and shuffle both the high and low digits when selecting your 6-digit number, your chance of winning increases by 80%. The low numbers are between 1 and 24, while the high numbers are between 25 and 49. The best mix is 2-4, 4-2 or 3-3 from both sides. The probability of winning all numbers from one side is very low.

The Number Group Strategy

By studying the number groups of past Toto results, you can decide which group of numbers you want to discard or bet. This strategy helps you to attach a strong value to a certain group of numbers, which increases the probability that it will be drawn next time.

Use Repeat Hit Lottery Numbers as Reference

It has been observed that there is a 59% probability that the numbers that will be drawn have already appeared in the previous draws. More precisely, in the last 7 draws. So, if you have to choose certain numbers, you can increase your chances by identifying the numbers that have been drawn repeatedly in the previous games and use exactly those numbers in your combination. Try to avoid the numbers that have not been drawn in the last seven draws.

Avoid Combinations that Follow an Obvious Pattern

Even if you are indecisive, you should avoid choosing certain patterns like straight vertical lines or diagonal lines on the tote sheet. This will cause you to place many bets on the same combination of number lines and split the prize money even if you win.

Avoid Picking Your Numbers

Picking your numbers limits your combinations downwards, as we tend to bet on certain combinations of numbers that are closer to us, such as the date of birth, the date of the anniversary or car licence plates. Try using a system generator that quickly picks the numbers for you, as this will balance your number combination and increase the chance of winning a minimum prize.

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